snellvillemike 3 years, 2 months ago on HIGH SCHOOL HARDBALL: The (very) premature county superlatives

Evidently, you have not watched too much high school ball. Mason Felt is a very good pitcher and Matt Olsen means a lot to his Parkview team. And your opinion is your opinion.

Lucas Sims means more to his team's success more than any other player around here. He pitches against the best competition and he is lights out. Total professional in attitude and talen while on the hump. Not to take anything away from any other ballplayer and their significance for their respective teams, I have seen Mason Felt and Matt Olsen, I just feel that Lucas Sims is more valuable to his team.


snellvillemike 3 years, 2 months ago on Residents flood commission meeting to talk about airport

que_desastre You are right on. I smell a rat and follow the money trail. It is corruption at the core. It would be a great story for the newspaper to research and expose. Why does the newspaper not follow up on this lead?


snellvillemike 3 years, 2 months ago on Another new judge appointed in molestation trial of Boy Scout leader

Judge Ray needs to rescue himself from this case because of his involvement as a volunteer in the boy scouts with his son.


snellvillemike 3 years, 8 months ago on LETTERS: E-SPLOST deserves to be renewed

ESPLOST will continue to lower your property tax. If the school system needs revenue to build schools and to use for technology, then the board will raise property taxes. 1% penny sales tax is fine. This is a no brainer and a good deal. The money comes in from many people who shop in gwinnett and reduces my property tax.

The transportation tax is a no brainer too. Tax gwinnett and we get no return for the tax. Vote No for transportation sales tax.



snellvillemike 3 years, 8 months ago on OUR VIEW: HOT lanes hot button for road tax

"The voting citizenry couldn't be more agitated than it is right now. That doesn't bode well for the TSPLOST initiative that must be passed if Atlanta has any hope of improving traffic flow."

"Georgia DOT and other state officials need to regroup and come up with a way to improve the commutes or abandon the program."

You are absolutely correct. Tax Gwinnett to help Atlanta. And yes, abandon the double taxation of roadways.

Boycott the HOT and vote NO to the TSPLOST.


snellvillemike 3 years, 8 months ago on LETTERS: Thomas column wrong in characterization of black voters

Mr. Bryant,

To suggest that an idividual should vote for someone based on their race is simply incredible and is racist. I would hope that someone would not do this, however, it is what many black voters may do and may have done, they may vote for a black man rather than a white man regardless of who has integrity. Some whites may vote for a white man instead of a black man, only because of race and some whites may vote for a black man only because of race. Shame on MLK's vision. Character should matter and when a politician hides facts from the public in order to press his own agenda, then the politician is without honor. They are not being forthright. Politicians need to stop taking bribes and payoffs. That is theft and deception. The President is not worthy of my vote based on character issues.


snellvillemike 3 years, 8 months ago on Unterman vows to speak out on HOT lanes

Senator Unterman,

Nice of you to get involved after the fact. Where were you when the meetings were held by GDOT and transportation officials were arrogant and rude. They just did not want to listen to constituents. TCL (Traffic Compression Lanes) this is good. I like TCL.

Boycott the HOT and Deal and the Repubs as well as the Dems better start listening, because we are going to show the politicians our power at the ballot box.


snellvillemike 3 years, 8 months ago on Nash feels sympathy for I-85 drivers

To the economist, you are so far off base. One, the road was paid with tax dollars, maintained with tax dollars and there was not a problem with the arrangement we had with the HOV. The HOT is another way to tax us again. Besides, most people cannot afford $50 outlays a week, $200 a month to drive a patch of road, when it was $0 dollars before the HOT. At the public meetings, there was a large segment of the population who let their voices be heard, we did not want this HOT lane and no one was willing to listen to the public. It was frustrating then, because everyone in the room felt like we were just there for a show. The decision was already made. Well, we the public are speaking with our driving habits. And, Gov., you can lower the fee all the way to $0, we still might not use the lane, because we would not want this project to be expanded upon others. Ga 400 should be toll free like it was promised to be.


snellvillemike 3 years, 9 months ago on CLINE: HOT lanes not so hot


I feel your frustration. The HOT lanes are cold. Lets keep them cold and let this experiment die. I could travel the lanes with 2 people and NOT PAY a fee when they were HOV. jdmay YOU ARE CORRECT, we paid for the lanes and it was fine before the HOT.

It is for generating revenue, who cares about US. Well, BOYCOTT the HOT.

Mike Shue