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I am born an raised a Falcon fan for life. I have a son named Jacob that is 15, He has played football since the age of 6. He is now a Freshman in High School and has been told he can never play the sport of football again. He is broken hearted. Jacob has had 3 major surgery's since April 2012. He has born with Meckel's Diverticulm which we never knew til if exploxed in his stomach on April 28th, 2012. It messed his whole stomach up including large and small intestines, kindneys and bladder. Since then he had 2 more surgery's for major blockages in his small intestines. The 3 surgery on August 4, 2012 resulted in having most of his small intestines removed. He is doing very well now and finally got to start his freshman year in high school. It would mean so much to Jacob to be able to see the Atlanta Falcons play, His dream of playing football is over but he still supports them.

Jacob and I at my Wedding! I love my boy!

Jacob and I at my Wedding! I love my boy! by shannoncampbell10