sewitup 1 year, 5 months ago on Supreme Court sides with county on trash plan

any garbage plan needs to include an optional bag system like several of the cities use. Our household uses less than one box of bags a year - thus it costs us about $25/yr for garbage service. This option is particularly helpful and less expensive for senior citizens, adults w/ 1-2 in households, or those of us who recycle and/or compost everything and do not generate a great deal of trash. Those of us in these categories do not generate enough trash to fill a huge container but shouldn't be penalized for it!


sewitup 2 years, 5 months ago on Football coach investigated for alleged recruiting violations

GHSA allows transfers all the time. Football isn't the only HS sport recruited. Check the basketball rosters from all over metro Atlanta in August when school starts and again in January when basketball in full swing. GHSA must allow the transfers and there are forms coaches must fill out and parents sign to return to GHSA. If GHSA allows all the transfers, what else can you do? What ever happened to the days when parents made decisions for their kids based on academics instead of following some pipe dream that less than 1% of kids nationwide fulfill? Parents want to cheat just as bad as the coaches. What kind of message does THAT send to these kids?