sayitaintso 2 years, 5 months ago on Sheriff's deputy faces DUI charge after wreck

the only problem he has is that he does not ahve a job. the other charges are misdemeanors that he will pay the fine and move on and yes, he can be hired with another law enforcement agency.

the point that should be looked at here is that deputies and other county employees are driving their cars home. ok, so it does keep neighborhoods safer to have a car sitting in the driveway. but a very large percentage of law enforcement officers do not live in gwinnett co so we are providing our services to other counties free of charge. another point to be taken out of this incident is that county cars are being driven home at an dramatically high percent. the citizens would be in shock if they knew how many cars were provided to employess who did not need the vehicles to perform their job duties. unmarked cars are being driven home - not only to surroundg counties - but to counties as far as 75+ miles away from gwinnett. also, take note that a large number of vehicles are provided to employees who use their county vehicle as their personal car because they do not own another vehicle - so the county is providing vehicles for them to do their personal business such as grocery shopping, going out to dinner, doctor appts., and transporting their family and pets to wherever they might be going. Talk about a cost savings to take these unnecessay vehicles away - maybe all county employees would see a raise if this happened.