samnevils 2 years, 11 months ago

It's funny how the hustlers under the Gold Dome told us that voting on alcohol sales was a local issue and couldn't be brought up by the Legislature. "Oh no Sir, we can't vote on allowing alcohol sales on Sunday, you need to do that with your local cities and counties..." Now they're saying, they can handle this issue on amending the constitution. One thing you don't see being pointed out is this is adding another layer of red tape to our state government with a panel that is "volunteer" but will get a per diem and stipends. And of course appointed by the Governor and pals. If they truly believe in local control and wanting to expand charter schools, then the local political party in control should be running Primary candidates who want to change things. Don't be surprised if this passes, this "volunteer" panel will need bigger and bigger budgets to "deal" with issues down the road.


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