rogerash2424 2 years, 9 months ago

hello my name is roger ash im 42 years of the biggest falcon fan ever.i have been watching the falcons over 30 years.i have never been to a falcons game but i watch every televised game and i also record the games and watch the game a few times during the week.i have had 3 neck surgeries and waiting on disability so times is tough.i had my first ever tickets to a falcons game on 11/29/2012 for christmas i was so so happy to be going to watch live football .i was counting down the days .then on 11/13/2012 my life changed for ever i was gonna take my mother with me to the game but my mother went to heaven on 11/13/2012 the hardest thing ever so i would love another opportunity to have another chance to go.the tickets i got to go to the saints & falcons (falcons beat the aints 23-13 i gave them to my best friends that have not ever been.thank you


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