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Atlanta Braves fire general manager Frank Wren September 22, 2014


roblotjr 2 years ago on Feds charge former Gwinnett planning commissioner with bribery

When are you prosecutors going to get Kenerly and all the other crooks and put them away? We're waiting to see some of the big fish go down, down, down.


roblotjr 2 years, 2 months ago on Local leaders react to health care ruling

Good bye republican hopes for November. Good bye any substantial economic recovery. Good bye America as our forefathers wanted it. Hello four more years of democratic devastation. When Obama and his sheep get done it will be too late. Mark my words. The corner has been turned and the so called supreme court

supreme court> supreme courtsupreme court

went the wrong way. I no longer have any respect whatsoever for any branch of the federal government. All of them sit high on the hog and could care less that our great nation is going into the hole in so many ways. They all have plenty of money to survive. supreme court


roblotjr 2 years, 2 months ago on Deal: Lower legal blood alcohol limit for boating

How about just do not drink and drive period. No matter what you are steering. I hope this guy gets life without parole. That way he can sit soberly in his cell remembering the choice he made that tragically scarred so many lives. I pray for these brothers loved ones and the community they lived in.


roblotjr 2 years, 12 months ago on roblotjr

All I have to say is I hope this Davis guy repented. Also I could care less what Carter or the false idol pope says.