rissole 3 years, 7 months ago

Another sad chapter in the history of the spelling bee. Honestly, I feel sorry for these hard-working kids. When are people going to wake up and realize that so much luck is involved with the spelling bee that it's almost a joke? For instance, the top two spellers at this competition last year did not make the top two this year, even though they're both only 6th-graders, I believe. Didn't the Gwinnett County champ Garimella finish 3rd at the state bee last year? I have little doubt that he was probably the best speller at today's competition, but unfortunately luck can be very cruel thing to kids at the spelling bee. Everybody should have to spell the same words--otherwise, how can you really compare the spellers? Give them all a test of 100 words, and you'll probably get the best speller over 95% of the time. I feel very sorry for Garimella--this must be a very painful loss for him to swallow. I sure hope he has supportive parents.

Congrats to the winner and the runner-up, though. I hope they enjoy the ride, because you never know what strange luck the spelling bee will throw at you.


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