rindech 3 years, 11 months ago on Peachtree Corners cityhood issue divides community

Hidden Agenda or Collateral Damage? As others have noted. Recently, Walmart tried to push through zoning for a new store (average Walmart per store sales of $50 Million per year) to be located on Holcomb Bridge Road between RT 141 and Jimmy Carter in Peachtree Corners. The Gwinnett planning board disagreed and rather than fight Gwinnett County in court, Walmart shelved their plans. Gwinnett County has deep pockets and can last a long time in court and such a court fight may bring undue attention to other Walmarts in the County. The new City of Peachtree Corners is only initially set up for zoning issues and trash collection with a typical budget of $3 Million per year derived 2/3 through property taxes. This is not deep pockets. Do you think that Walmart will try again through this new City? In such a case, the legal fees fighting such a zoning may well exceed the entire City budget, and since zoning will be within the purview of the new City, Gwinnett County may not expend funds to fight such a zoning request. It is not likely, with City lite, that the new managers would have the desire or resources to embark on such a fight. It bears looking into. While there are many reasons for a new City, follow the money. Just sayin.