rextim 2 years, 1 month ago on Police charge truck driver in fatal I-85 wreck

There's also another important aspect to embrace. She wouldn't have been killed had the truck driver not drifted out of his lane.

Also, I've not heard of any cases where belted occupants were ejected from vehicles. A reader can infer that she was not wearing it since she was ejected. Not necessarily an important fact to leave out on the author's behalf.


rextim 2 years, 2 months ago on Officer witnesses man rolling safe across parking lot

Off duty from another county... possibly unarmed, without cuffs, and without a vest. What obligation does he have to jump into action and risk injury or death to himself? Was someone's life in jeopardy? Based on the facts presented here, the answer is no. With all that being written, what exactly makes him lousy? He doesn't work for you, friend.


rextim 2 years, 5 months ago on Fire dept. to get new maintenance building

That's Kevin's modus operandi...comment on things he has no knowledge of. I think he and pcjohn are brothers.


rextim 2 years, 6 months ago on Inappropriate comments complaint sustained against GCPD officer

This officer is not a bad cop...he just said something stupid and is now being punished for it. Life goes on.


rextim 2 years, 8 months ago on Gwinnett parents feel safe but wary after Conn. tragedy

You have to learn to ignore Kevin. His opinions are based on little if any facts as witnessed in his post. It has been widely reported that the offender shot his way into the school. I would infer from this that he did not pick a lock on the front door to get in. The school under attack had no security guard. The principal was notified by bullets tearing into the school and was killed when she and others went to confront the gunman. As for his final point, the only guns in the school were possessed by the shooter.

He blames law enforcement for preventing this tragedy. I'd love to know how he came to such a conclusion. The school did not have a police officer (SRO) assigned to it. The fact is that Kevin is very anti-law enforcement based on his past posts. With such a blatant bias, I can't take his opinions seriously.


rextim 2 years, 9 months ago on Suwanee teen charged with vehicular homicide

This was a traffic crash, not an accident. This person approached an intersection with a posted yield sign and did not abide by the sign. I see it every day. Drivers are often incredibly selfish and don't want to take the time to ensure theirs and everyone elses safety.

Bottom line is this: if your violation of traffic law results in the death of another, you get charged accordingly. The appropriate charge in her case is vehicular homicide 2nd degree (a misdemeanor). She'll get her year of probation for it and move on with life. I understand she is 17. She is still responsible for her actions as a driver. If you don't want that responsibility, don't get a license.


rextim 2 years, 12 months ago on Red-light cameras improve safety at intersection, chief says

Would you rather be t-boned or rear ended. These cameras will not prevent all accidents, but they reduce accidents in the intersection (the most dangerous place to be struck) because people have an incentive to actually stop at the red light.


rextim 3 years ago on Purchases made for E-citations program

Oh look, Kevin replied to the article. Let me save you the time in the future and paraphrase what all of his comments say; "I hate the police."

Every post you make on this site has an anti-LEO bias. Grow up!