reallynow 3 years ago on Wilbanks speaks out against November referendum

Alvin the Chipmunk has more credibility and integrity than Alvin Wilbanks! So if this amendment passes, Gwinnett County Schools are in for some tough times? Would having two or three good charter schools in Gwinnett not be a good thing for a lot of parents and their children? Alvin Wilbanks thinks not. He accepted Ivy Prep, funded them at half price, and when that didn't kill them, he refused to renew their charter after one year!

How much longer will the African American, Latino, and other ethnic-rich people of Gwinnett have to suffer at the hands of Alvin Wilbanks and the all-white, rubber stamp board of Gwinnett board of education?

Is this man who got away with property gate a believable source of information about this matter? I, for one, don't believe him about anything! Wilbanks said, "campaigns for the amendment will be funded by the corporations who will make a hefty profit from it.". Really, did those trying to get more school choice in Gwinnett sit down with almighty Alvin and give him the detailed plan? That is blatantly untrue. But what is true is that Wilbanks makes $400,000 plus annually from the taxpayers and continued to get raises even while teachers were being furloughed and being told the district could not afford raises. During the Sam period, and for years before, this is the same Super who profited and helped his friends make millions on crazy land purchasing schemes which, according to the AJC, cost millions of dollars more than necessary.

Who is the real threat here? I think the one who thinks the public is gullible enough to believe a self-serving, untruthful, profiteer who makes his fortune at the expense of refusing to give parent what they need and teachers what they deserve.

Alvin the Chipmunk would do better by us!