raystanjevich 2 years, 4 months ago on Suwanee welcomes another restaurant

Just to be clear, Friends is NOT a sports bar. The main focus of a sports bar is sports and drinking. We are a neighborhood grill and bar - along the lines of a Chili's or a similar restaurant. Our focus is food first, and it will always be food. We attract families, youth sports teams, after-church groups and just everyday folks looking for a good and quick place to eat. And, yes, we do have a bunch of TV's in the restaurant. These days people want to be entertained while they dine. Our chicken wings are fresh TYSON only, all our chicken is fresh, white breast meat, we cut our own fresh USDA Choice steaks, we patty our own burgers, make our own dressings and sauces. This alone should tell you that we are not a sports bar. Sports bars are a "freezer to fryer" type of food place.
We hope to be successful in Suwanee as we have been in Dacula and Dawsonville. All we ask is that you give this "mom and pop" grill and bar a try, and then you can decide whether we deserve your business. Thank you!