rachel29 3 years, 10 months ago on Library board cuts hours, spars over plans

If hours are going to be cut, I hope the hours will be staggered across the different branches. That way, if my home library isn't open at a time I need it, the one in the next closest location hopefully would be. Have you really looked in-depth at staffing levels and how many people are working on each shift? With the customer check-out system and the electronic catalog, I haven't used the services of an actual staff person in years now. Most of the time, they just seem be hanging out at the desk.


rachel29 3 years, 10 months ago on Duluth breaks ground for new dog park

Your comments are a little short-sided. A dog park isn't for people to avoid fencing in their yards. It's for the exercise and entertainment of both the people and their dogs. There are lots of taxpayer-funded enhancements in parks (and other places) that aren't used by everyone. People with kids don't use playgrounds; that doesn't mean they shouldn't be provided. I don't play basketball or tennis myself but there are lots of people in my local park who do and get enjoyment out of the courts provided. There are dog parks all over the County/State/Country...this isn't exactly some crazy idea Duluth has come up with.