qwerty 1 year, 4 months ago on Suwanee teen charged with vehicular homicide

rextim, how dare you be so naive! that is my best firned you're talking about! she did yield! it's stated right here in the article:

"(Stephenson) stated she looked left and did not see any vehicles so she pulled out onto (Ga. Highway 20)," the report said

she is not selfish and she is one of the most caring people i know. she is NOT "a princess." she is a senior in high school, an honor student with a perfectly clean record, and she takes care of her three younger syblings while her parents are both still at work. i should know! ive been best friends with her for six years and she lives just up the street from me.

this was not totally her fault. she stopped, looked both ways, and proceeded. she probably didnt see the other car coming because of the grade of the road. and the other driver should not have been doing 45 coming up the top of a hill. THAT was careless. the other driver passed away, yes. but he was 70 years old with a heart condition.

she will have to live with this for the rest of her life. this is not a girl who doesn't give a crap and will go on like nothing ever happened. so maybe you might consider finding better ways to spend your time than dragging young girls through the mud with your mouth.