pz1farm 3 years, 1 month ago on Pros and cons for regional transportation tax

No matter how much you tax the citizen of Gwinnett to fix the roads and pay for the mismanaged funds in Atlanta and DeKalb, on any given day of the week a major wreck will happen and traffic is at a standstill, You can’t fix stupid, but the elected politicians think that if they move their lips, and create money for their friends in business traffic will flow. I moved to Gwinnett 30 years ago to get away from crime and Marta and to have a better education for my kids, the last one graduates in May 2013 it's time to move again. Traffic moves better now than it ever has in Gwinnett, I have 3 full size trucks and an expedition, I moved to Gwinnett knowing I would be in a lot of traffic and gas would cost me driving trucks, so be it, if my truck hits a Honda my family walks away. I tell my kids if a politician lips are moving then he or she is lying, stealing or putting funds in a friend’s bank account and the belt line want solve traffic problems.