ptcconcerns 2 years, 7 months ago on Radloff marks 40 years on Gwinnett’s board of education

At least you can find pictures of Louise doing something with some students. If you did an article on Mary K Murphy you would have to lead her to a classroom and show her some students.


ptcconcerns 2 years, 10 months ago on Charter amendment passes

Near my house is Ivy Prepatory Academy. I paid little attention to the school until this Charter Amendment came to light. I saw girls (it's and all girls school) out in the parking lot sometimes, in uniform, mostly minority (although I am not sure who is a minority these days). I saw them again at recent debate over the amendment where Wilbanks spoke against it. I talked with a few parents who sent their girls to Ivy Prep. They were worried they would loose their school because GCPS is dead set against it and wihthout the amendment they might have to send their kids back to Summerhour (a district iii middle school that feeds norcross high). The parent said she was sick of summerhour because it was overcrowded, there were gangs, disruptive kids bringing down the whole class, parents who weren't involved etc. (You can NCLB schools all day long and it won't solve those problems - it isn't the teachers fault). Based on my local knowledge of our schools, our school board, how I might be impacted, etc I voted yes to the amendment because I didnt want these girls to go back to an underperforming school just as much as their parents didn't want them to go back. Charter schools hav not affected my life up to this point and I don't see that changing in the future.

The only money GCSB is losing is the state money, the local $'s stay at the public schools. The local public schools should actually see a net increase in the amount of money they receive per student.

Anyhow, education in this country is certainly not perfect so maybe this is part of the journey to improve it.


ptcconcerns 2 years, 10 months ago on State honors local schools for performance, progress

Interesting that Ivy Prep is being honored as a highest performing school when the Gwinnett County School Board had decided Ivy Prep didn't deserve to continue their charter with the county. Makes one wonder what the GCSB was thinking. None of the other schools in that area were recognized.

By the way 1 in 3 schools in Gwinnett are Title 1 (which is not a distinction people put on real estate flyers).


ptcconcerns 2 years, 10 months ago on Newcomers seek overhaul of education board

Murphy's arguement that you should only (re)elect board members because they have experience is as empty as most of her other answers and/or comments. By that arguement she should never have been elected in the first place because she didn't have board experience. I have kids in the Gwinnett schools in district 3 and I have interacted with Murphy on several occassions and am ready for a change. Jen Falk has the experience and determination to make a difference and she will get my vote.


ptcconcerns 2 years, 11 months ago on Wilbanks, Jones speak piece on charter school amendment

Wilbanks did a horrible job speaking. The only take away I got from Wilbanks was that he didn't care enough about either the subject or the people to which he would be speaking to bother to prepare. Dr. Murphy talked in circles as usual. Rep Jones made an excellent presentation. She was prepared and was able to state her case eloquently.

Is this the right move for GA public shools? Are charter schools the answer to our public school woes? Probably not, but they are much better than the status quo which is all that Murphy and Wilbanks can provide. Charter Schools are only part of the journey not the destination. I believe we have to go down this road to shake up the system. Hopefully we can get the entire Gwinnett School board turned over in the next couple of election cycles and get some fresh ideas on how to deal with the overcrowding and economic obstacles facing GCPS..


ptcconcerns 3 years ago on District enrollment surges past projections

Parents are outraged, but what can they really do? The sheeple of the county vote in ESplost that does nothing to serve our true needs (space and teachers - nothing in my district anyway) and we recently re-elected a board member, who ran unopposed. There should be term limits on the school board. Then the school board wastes money on bonds instead of paying as they go while our elementary, middle and high schools are overflowing with students. If you think its bad now...wait 7-10 years. Class sizes this year a out of hand and with more cuts and more students its only going to get worse. There are a lot of things GCPS could do to improve, but I am willing to bet we will be talking about the same problems in 10 years. GC government couldn't see past the developer money in the 80's and 90's and now we have all these lovely apartments flooding our schools with children.