pfnurse 2 years, 7 months ago on Local cardiologists question motives of Eastside's actions

Let’s look at who is benefiting from the firing of all heart doctors at Eastside Medical Center – not the citizens of Gwinnett County who will ultimately be transported out of the County for heart surgery and not the patients who will lose having their regular cardiologists look after them at Eastside. This move creates an EXCLUSIVE partnership with Piedmont Hospital and their own heart doctors. The public really needs to know the reason for this. It is because the hospital wants to bring to the Snellville community something that Lawrenceville has. –The answer is GREED and PRESTIGE. Why not - this has to do with more money for the hospital and money for the Piedmont group. This is the trend of hospitals lately – screw the dedicated, hard working doctors and bring in a new group for a PRICE– this is the current American way that has caused our nation to decline so rapidly lately. It is like building a million dollar factory within a few miles of the same factory.
This Eastside Medical decision is from a dictatorship and will create anarchy. They may rise briefly but, wait, they will definitely fall. The existing cardiology groups that have been at Eastside for decades will survive this dictatorship. The patients that trust and have ongoing commitment to their doctors will follow them.
Remember dear public – there is good medical care and there is definitely bad. Most of the doctors that are being terminated can treat patients at Gwinnett Medical Center. They are just committed to quality care. These mergers for exclusive care have kicked many hospitals in their backsides. I cannot wait to see this hospital fail. Pray they will not be risking lives for their own financial gain.

A Nurse that has only cares about safe and quality patient care.