peony64 2 years, 7 months ago on Airport proposal released; opponents still not swayed

Watch this video. This is EXACTLY what would've happened in Gwinnett. Are you not aware that airlines are contracting and consolidating - NOT expanding? Taxpayers would've been on the hook, just like we were for the garbage fiasco, Braves stadium and HOT lanes. This would have been another huge step in the WRONG direction, and it would've created many more problems than it would've fixed.


peony64 2 years, 8 months ago on Residents push BOC for airport vote

Teelee, watch this video. This is EXACTLY what will happen if Briscoe is expanded. Do you want the added taxpayer burden of supporting a failing airport? The FAA has confirmed that taxpayers will be on the hook and will be required to cover similar losses if Briscoe's expansion is not successful. There have been many studies showing that all airports expanded in recent years have failed. After the fiasco of the garbage plan, Braves stadium, and HOT lanes, I do not want to take a chance that we will be stuck paying for a beautiful airport to nowhere. At a time when airlines are consoldiating routes, eliminating destinations, and raising passenger fees to stay profitable, spending taxpayer money to commercialize Briscoe is a very irresposnible thing to do once you look at the overwhelming evidence that shows it will NOT bring jobs to our area.