peony1964 2 years, 8 months ago on The Blue Man Group ready to play at the Fox Theatre

Would love to win those tickets for my daughter, who just celebrated her 23rd birthday. She celebrated her 21st at The Fox seeing Beauty and the Beast. It would be fun to start a trend of celebrating her birthday by going to see a show at the Fox each year.


peony1964 2 years, 8 months ago on Enter to win Falcons tickets

I enjoy football, but I am not the biggest Falcons fan. However, I am the biggest fan of my hubby and I would love to treat him and his three best friends to a wonderful afternoon of football and fellowship. Robert and I have been married almost 28 years, and he's been the most wonderful husband, father, son-in-law, etc., that a man can be. Robert refuses to buy things for himself, no matter how much he'd like to have certain things, and I know how much he would love to attend this game. It would be a huge blessing to me to be able to present Robert those tickets so he can take his best buds - Paul, Daniel and Andy - to the game.