pcBobby 1 year ago on pcBobby

Bob has solid name recognition which will put him first in line for donors--a major advantage in a GOP primary. This is a fact in addition to Barr's eight years of D.C. experience. It will be interesting to see who else will jump into the field and challenge the former representative.


pcBobby 1 year, 12 months ago on Obama, on the Fallon show, slow jams the news (with video)

The Fallon-Obama sketch is quite clever and the interview is very good. Jimmy himself said they he never takes a political side -- what a classy TV host. We have come a long way since Pres. Nixon appeared on Laugh In. I'm sure Jimmy or SNL will have Romney appear. It's part of the political process these days - like it or not.


pcBobby 2 years ago on Hill: Don't privatize or schedule flights at Briscoe Field

Wayne has a common sense view on this matter. Indeed, there's a jewel there for organizations like NCR.


pcBobby 2 years ago on POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: GOP claims victory in council race

Cami-I believe Mr. Byars ran in 2010 as a Democrat in the race for the county commission seat in that area against Republican Lynette Howard.