onewolfmom 2 years, 7 months ago on Enter to win Falcons tickets

I grew up in Baltimore rooting for the Colts. While I was away at college, the team moved out in the middle of the night. Talk about devastating. I was in western PA at the time, so the Steelers were the obvious choice for teams, but they just never lived up to the legacy of the Colts.Baltimore was without a team for so long, so when the Ravens came to town, it just wasn't the same. I moved south not long after that and I adopted the Falcons as my new heros of the gridiron. My husband was born and raised in Alabama, so on Saturdays he is yelling Roll Tide, and on Sundays it's Rise Up Falcons. It would be so awesome to see the Falcons beat the Seahawks. Falcons, after all, are not only swift, but powerful. I hope we win the chance to yell until we are horse!