mp 2 years, 3 months ago on LETTERS: Students deserve choice when it comes to charter schools HB797 and show me where Local BOE's are being forced to fund these schools. If you actually take the time to educate yourself, you'll see that it specifically states that local districts will see no reduction to their state funds as a result of these state-authorized schools. Local BOEs will also keep all of their local property tax money.....not a single dime of it will go to fund these schools either.

According to the Governor's office of Student Achievement (GOSA), the state-authorized schools are outperforming the traditional public schools that surround them in almost every category....if you don't believe me, feel free to look it up on their website. Your argument is simply false.

Lastly, "governed by a non-profit" does make them "non-profit"......I'm sorry if the legal definition is too difficult for you to understand.


mp 2 years, 3 months ago on LETTERS: Students deserve choice when it comes to charter schools


You are seriously misinformed yourself. There are no such thing as "private charter schools"......Georgia law requires that there are all governed by a non-profit Georgia-based board. As for academic achievement, the Governor's Office of Student Achievement has concluded that state-authorized charter schools in Georgia are out-performing the others schools in their local areas in almost every category.

Also, 3 Supreme Court justices and our AG both concluded that this amendment is necessary to ensure that an appeals process at the state level is maintained (please look up and read the opinions on their respective websites). The Amendment ensures that only state dollars will be used to fund these schools and that no local district will see a reduction in their own state funding. The Local BOEs also keep all of their local funding from property tax.

I tip my had to Mrs. Peevy for her service as a parapro, and it appears that she is still focused on the well-being of students by recognizing that many of them need additional choices to ensure they succeed in today's complex world.


mp 2 years, 3 months ago on MURPHY: Why you should vote 'no' on charter school amendment

I think it would have been nice to see this disclosure......

Sean Murphy serves as a trustee on the board of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. He also wrote a pro-ESPLOST piece that ran here last year. He didn’t disclose his association with GCPS Foundation in that piece either.

If I remember correctly, the GCPS Foundation has a really sweet deal where they have been provided with offices located AT the central office for GCPS.