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Atlanta Falcons fire head coach Mike Smith December 29, 2014


micronmike 2 years ago on Gun permit applications surge in Gwinnett

Most of these people already owned the gun and thought, hey I better register this thing just incase.


micronmike 2 years ago on Gwinnett police stage texting-while-driving crackdown

I can understand your points. I choose to look at it this way. Those 17 people might choose to not text and drive, and it might keep one less accident of the road. The mays and mights go along with all laws and the police force only took one day to address this issue, so to a degree they agree with you. But, they know their actions may or might cause some good down the road.


micronmike 2 years ago on Dick's stores suspend rifle sales nationwide

How is an assult rifle a sporting good? A hunting rifle, shot gun...those are sporting goods for hunting. Assult rifles are not sporting goods. Dick's shouldn't sell them anyways.


micronmike 2 years, 4 months ago on GCPS enrollment surging past projections

Losing the Gateway test will hurt our future. The CRCT is a below grade level memory based test. The Gateway was used to mesure application of skills. Kinda like you have to apply your skills at work, or you get fired. I wish we could drop the CRCT and use the Gateway instead. Kids don't like it because they actually have to learn something and apply skills.


micronmike 2 years, 4 months ago on Hunter squeaks by Beaudreau in commission runoff

I agree with you. It is funny hall all these people bash Mike B., yet they can never put out facts. If he was ever connected to the other 3 it would have came out already. I can't believe that people think an out of work engineer is going to do better. I bet Tommy's business starts booming soon.


micronmike 2 years, 4 months ago on Beaudreau considering recount in commission race

Are you serious? "The company he keeps." How did he pick who the other BOC members were? What were those votes?