mickeyroberts 2 years, 2 months ago

You guys are clueless; just because you are arrested for DUI doesn't mean you are guilty; I have won EVERY DUI case I have had with Chavez; he was making bad stops and DUI arrests well before this happened. There is no way the State could go to court with this case, after the arresting officer is fired for having sex on the job; it has nothing to do with Masino or money, but everything to do with the credibility of the officer.


mickeyroberts 1 year, 9 months ago

Here's the truth about Winegarden: He was booted out of office because his court was always in turmoi; he was rude and impatient with not only criminal defense lawyers, but district attorneys, police officers and witnesses. Why hasn't the Gwinnett Post told the truth about hs personal problems? He has been divorced 4 times and recently received a chapter 7 bankruptcy in May 2012; in that bankruptcy, he gets to keep his $7500 per month retirement as former judge. State Court judges hear civil lawsuits involving payment of money, DUIs, and domestic violence cases. Why would you EVER vote for a person who couldnt pay his debts, and who has had severe personal domestic relations problems?


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