majordad 3 years, 5 months ago on New mayors in three cities

I finally found something Kelly and I can agree on: I can't believe she was elected either! At least the Old Guard only gained one seat this time around. They are like the wave of vampire TV shows and movies: they just won't "die" because they keep sucking blood. Howard N. Williams, Jr.


majordad 3 years, 5 months ago on Wall Street pushback surfaces in Gwinnett

I am confused. Is organizer, Steve Toggerson's husband really named Pete? How can you tell? Did Glenda forget that she's employed by AT&T and is the Executive Vice-President of CWA Local 3250, and up for re-election at this time. I notice she's been careful not to combine her affiliation with MoveOn Gwinnett and her company or union in the same breath. Wonder why? Retired AT&T (the real one) Life member Retired Member Council CWA Constitutionalist