lynnister 1 year, 11 months ago on Student gets off at wrong stop; driver removed from route

@news2me-I have two children with autism and they've been riding the bus for 2 years. Please explain why I should know better than to let them ride the bus? They attend school all day in a very large school with many students and many exit doors they could get out of...should I know better than to send them there too? These individuals that drive buses and teach are children are trusted to look after the best interests of our kids. I would be curious to know if this was a regular bus or a special needs bus. Mine ride a special needs bus and I get them on the bus and I'm there to greet them every afternoon. BTW, I bet many parents of children with special needs would be more than happy to chip in some extra $ if that meant their children got the services they need to make them fully functioning members of society as adults.