lisanglese 1 year, 9 months ago on Enter to win Falcons tickets

We are huge Falcons fans! We are so excited about them going all the way to the Superbowl. However, the real reason I want the tickets is for my husband and my best friend. I have been going through stage 4 cancer and I have been going through chemotherapy treatment since September. She spends 5-6 hours every week with me while I go through chemotherapy so that my husband doesn't have to take time from work. My husband has taken on so many extra responsibilities here at home after working 15 hours a day and commuting. He is also my hero. My friend's husband and son have season tickets and they will be at the game. How awesome would that be for me to tell my husband and friend that they are going to the game on Sunday. I never can think of a gift to give her, because there is no gift for someone who gives so much for my gift of hope and healing.

These tickets would mean so much to all of us! It will be a day we will all remember!


by lisanglese