latoniamorgan 3 years, 4 months ago on Teacher resigns following homework controversy

You are clearly dellusional and uneducated. Why should we as Black Americans accept that type of disrespectful behavior. Everyone doesn't want or need their kids exposed to the atrocities that occured to us as a race after being kidnapped, and brought to America. If we are being hyper-sensitive then make up some questions referring to the Holocoust. It's no big deal right?! How ignorant you are. People like you are the reason that the "the West" is soo hated by other countries!


latoniamorgan 3 years, 4 months ago on latoniamorgan

Why is o.k. to glorify the atrocities that is the Black races history in the United States. Clearly mrsdaisycook is a racist as well as an ignorant, archaic individual who doesn't desearve the air that she breathes. How dare people make light of hurtful comments that tare the scar back of off a wound that has yet to heal. The days of Jim Crow laws,the KKK, and slavery were not that long ago. I'm 38 and my mother was forced to pick cotton. It's ignorant individuals like this teacher and her followers which is going to be the death of our country as a whole. It's not OK to bring up Hitler and the Holocoust in a derrogatory type of way; then why is ok to throw the mistreatment and complete and utter vilolation of human rights of Black Americans. how many times can you honestly expect us to turn the other cheek? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." we would all do good to remember that.