kthomas 3 years, 3 months ago

I have a a couple of issues with the proposal. Public oversight of government activity requires much more than an annual audit. Do you know how much damage a government can do in a year? In just a few months time they can be far beyond the point of no return. Second, state law theoretically protects such fees from raiding, but in practice, only the state Constitution is strong enough to keep the Legislature’s hands off designated funds. And it is abused regularly. For instance, most of Georgia’s $1 tire recycling fee hasn’t actually gone to recycle tires or to clean up solid waste. And, court filing fees that are earmarked for indigent criminal defense do not go there so counties continue to be stuck with the bill. Lets get our house in order first and then see whats needed once the mess is cleaned up. The problem is real but new taxes are not the proper solution.


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