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Bomb threat evacuates Gwinnett high school April 24, 2014



ktfox 2 years ago

I am so right there with you. Even adults do not RSVP these days.. I'm one of those people who feels like, if someone was nice enough to think of me and invite ME, then I surely need to let them know if I will be there or not! How rude to not even respond... so sad. I also make my kids send hand-written thank yous for gifts they receive. It's just what you do!


ktfox 1 year, 3 months ago

oh my goodness! I adore the falcons! we went to our first spring training session last year and we plan on making it a yearly event! We have 3 kids in college right now and just cannot afford tickets to the games. We watch from home every time they play. The only thing I asked for for Christmas this year was an official Matt Ryan #2 jersey - and I got it! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win these tickets. We are GDP fans too! Love the paper and the website :o)

great day at falcon's training camp!

great day at falcon's training camp! by ktfox


ktfox 1 year ago

I feel bad for the next door neighbors! How long before they can live in their house?


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