kpickering 2 years, 6 months ago on Enter to win Falcons tickets

Since moving to Atlanta in the late 70's, I have been an avid Falcon Fan! Unlike many others that move here, I dropped my allegience to the NY teams, bought season tickets and never missed a home game! I stayed an avid fan even when there were very few people in the stands at the old Fulton County stadium! For the last 15 years, we have been tailgating in the gulch with an awesome group of people from all over GA that we have met over the years at the games. They can't believe that I won't be with them on Sunday organizing the menu as I have done for so many years; but, due to losing my job, I just didn't have the finances to purchase the playoff tickets! I am absolutely crushed!! The tailgate gang is also concerned that my lucky deviled eggs won't be on the menu -- Yes, we never lost a home game when the eggs were there and all eaten!! At the Tampa game, the entire group was not there, so the deviled eggs didn't get all eaten, and see what happened!! So, it would mean everything to me to be at the game Sunday! I also have 2 friends that couldn't purchase season tickets this year, due to both of them losing their jobs, and they had had season tickets for 20 years! please choose four avid and loud Falcon Fans for these tickets!! Thanks! Go Falcons!!