kmsimpson 3 years, 1 month ago on Georgia sees jump in charter school enrollment

Actually, there was a bill up for vote to close down charter schools, but it was not passed, thankfully.

I have one child in public school and one child in a charter school. The one in the charter school is 2 years younger than the public school child. The public school child came home with a biology lesson. She asked for help, and I said, "Let me see it." After looking at the lesson, I told the child, "Do you know who you should ask for help? Your younger sibling. They just finished the exact same lesson."

Public school child will be going to the charter school next year.


kmsimpson 3 years, 1 month ago on POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Woodall reflects on first year in Congress; Dunn publishes novel

What do you find "unfair" about the Fair Tax? Is it the fact that we would no longer have half the population being supported by the taxes of the other half? Or maybe it's the fact that the tax system could no longer be used as a cronyism reward system ala GE?

BTW, life isn't "fair". Nothing is "fair".


kmsimpson 3 years, 1 month ago on Local leaders remain frustrated, but Gwinnett Place Mall officials are counting on a ... different strategy

How about bringing in Whole Foods? Since they closed the Harry's Farmers Market, the closest one is in Alpharetta. It's address is technically Gwinnett, but as it is on the other side of the Hooch, most of us consider it Alpharetta.


kmsimpson 3 years, 1 month ago on Local author writes about Lawrenceville schools

How about adding some of the minor details in, things like the author's full name, or even maybe the name of the book?


kmsimpson 3 years, 1 month ago on CLINE: No need to throw stones at church over gridlock

@R - You commented that Coolray Stadium can be a bad neighbor at times, yet admonished people that feel the same about 12 Stone Church. When the Braves play, the stadium has a plan n place for the traffic and congestion. Routinely, they fill an empty the lot and the surrounding areas in very little time.

The same cannot be said about 12 Stone Church. The church routinely puts it neighbors out. I can drive by Cooray Field after a game and still get when I need to be. Traffic will be heavy, but that's about it. On the other hand, if I drive by 12 Stone during any beginning or end of service time, I am stopped on a state highway to allow the parishioners out first. The local traffic is made to wait while 12 Stone lets out. They clean out the lines in 12 Stone's driveways while backing traffic up on SR 20, and make people stop at EVERY entrance while the police allow their parishioners out first.

I recently spoke to one of their parishioners about this. Her response? "I don't care." That is 12 Stone's attitude towards it's neighbors, and THAT is the problem. 12 Stone does not care about it's neighbors, only about grandstanding.


kmsimpson 3 years, 1 month ago on LETTERS: Church apologizes for unintended traffic jam

Dear Mr. Davis, As one of those stuck in that joyous event, I have a few comments. First, this is not the first time 12 Stone has done damage to the local traffic, it just happens to be the most in depth. Routinely every weekend 12 Stone messes up traffic in the area. I happen to live very close to 12 Stone, and without fail, I have difficulties getting places on Sundays due to 12 Stone. We in the local neighborhood have to time OUR schedules around YOUR services. One weekend, I was literally trapped in my subdivision! Lately, you have also taken to also blocking traffic on SR 20 on Saturdays and Wednesdays, and this week, you can also put Friday on that list. No offense sir, but we, too, have lives.

along with all that, let's not forget the number of businesses that had their Saturday business absolutely destroyed by your event. Are you going to repay them? Many of the businesses are small businesses that can ill afford to lose out on a Saturday's income.

Second, had 12 Stone REALLY wanted to help out the community, they could have checked to see if any of the local people needed help. We have a battered women's shelter here in Lawrenceville, along with several other places that probably could have used the food, never mind that I'm sure many of their actual neighbors may have needed the food. Instead, we had people coming in from Oconee County, and other places. That does nothing for the local community.

Kathleen Simpson Lawrenceville, GA

The reason so many people are so upset with 12 Stone is not because of this weekend in particular, but because overall, your church is an inconsiderate, rude neighbor.


kmsimpson 3 years, 1 month ago on Traffic snarl caused by goodwill project

And to those of us that can no longer have a nice Christmas dinner because we now have to replace gas that we wasted sitting in the mess??? Do you consider OUR dinner unimportant?


kmsimpson 3 years, 1 month ago on Lawrenceville church provides Christmas groceries to families of unemployed

To many of us, this was way beyond an "inconvenience". I wasted $40 worth of gas driving 7 miles. That money now needs to be made up from another part of my finances, in this case, OUR Christmas dinner. So now, instead of simply helping some folks, they have cause my family to not exactly go hungry, but to do without much of the dinner I had planned.

This was much more than an "inconvenience" to many of us.


kmsimpson 3 years, 1 month ago on Traffic snarl caused by goodwill project

Just as an FYI, some of us WILL be going without on Christmas thanks to this. Personally, I wasted $40 worth of gas trying to get home. I still need the gas in my car, so now it is coming from my family's Christmas dinner.

But because the church had good intentions, that makes it okay for them to make my family suffer, right?


kmsimpson 3 years, 1 month ago on County parks could be closed if cuts go deeper

I thought having all these titles lined up in the same issue quite amusing: Park design contract awarded Harbins, Rabbit Hill park expansions move forward County parks could be closed if cuts go deeper Officials break ground at two parks Officials OK $7.3M for Rhodes Jordan renovation

I especially like the part that they just okayed $7.3 million for one park, broke ground on two more parks, and awarded the contract to redesign another park, while crying poverty in another article. Maybe if the county would stop spending more money it wouldn't be so broke??? BTW, in case y'all forgot, we've had this horrid economy for over 3 years.