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I agree 100%. I'm an RN and often take report from other nurses who are transferring a patient to me. There have been several times when the reporting nurse's English is so bad that I cannot get an accurate report. I don't question the nurse's ability or skill but the ability to communicate verbally is critical.


kfbet 2 years, 7 months ago on Family once again at odds with district

Ok, folks--what's going on with this family is horrible. Just horrible. But all the fussing and screaming at Gwinnett schools seems a bit misplaced. Let's say the school system says ok to allowing the husband's coworkers to donate their sick leave to him. What happens to their retirement funding--it's all calculated based on percentages and the law. I can't tell you the specifics because it's beyond my ability to do but when sick leave is taken it does change those calculations. The school system is HUGE and what's done for one must be done for all. So if this is allowed for the Rineharts, what about the teacher who has a child undergoing chemo and is out of sick leave? What about the custodian who's wife is facing a serious illness and wants time off but has no more sick leave? What about the administrator who is diagnosed with cancer and can't work but has several children to support and is out of sick leave? What about all these other employees struggling with horrible circumstances? Where does GCPS draw the line and how do they decide which circumstance is "awful enough" to warrant special treatment? There are other options for Mr Rinehart to consider. He could work part-time. He could look at on-line teaching. It's not the responsibility of GCPS to fix this predicament. He's in a tough place and will have to make tough choices . It sucks. But it's reality. I applaud his family and friends for setting up fund raisers. I would argue this is exactly what they should be doing. That's what we are all supposed to do for our loved ones. It's a great way to channel energies when so much of what's going on is out of their control. I wish this family all the best. Truly, I cannot imagine how difficult this must be.