kathh 3 years, 2 months ago on BROWN: Counting the cost of Georgia's solar bill

The Executive Director of this PACE organization is in over his head....SB 459 is NOT about PPA's....before he fumbles his way through an editorial he should do his homework. His PR stunt smacks of corporate money paid to those who dare write whatever they are told to.

SB 401 is the bill that is about 3rd-party PPA's...systems installed so that Georgia residents and businesses can afford renewable energy generated ON THEIR property...not energy that is transmitted over ANY Georgia Power transmission lines ....NOT energy that would undermine Georgia Power's grid-balancing nor in some way cost ANYONE in this state more on their monthly bill.

People need to do their own thinking on SB 401...don't be fooled to listen to those who have a private agenda nor those corporations whose skill at disinformation disguises their true intent...in this case: to keep 3rd-party entities from helping Georgia residents control their escalating power bills.