justiceserved2 3 years, 1 month ago on Colleagues mourn lawyer killed in motorcycle accident

I was stuck in traffic for 45 mins while GCPD and GEMS cleared the scene.i was about seven cars back. It was my birthday. I will never forget driving up and seeing his motorcycle lying in the street. I called 911 myself, they already knew. I knew it was serious, anytime you have police and fire driving the wrong way down the Sugarloaf Parkway exit ramp and form a circle around the accident scene it can't be good.. I saw him two days prior at the same location only going West. Instantly, I began to pray and ask GOD to save this individual. I am sorry for the communities lose. This accident hits close to home because after 32 yrs i have been given the gift of life, and on this day June 22, 2012 a man losed his life. Every morning I travel to work and pass this location I asked. to allow him to rest in peace.