johnnyroastbeef 2 years, 3 months ago on Pros and cons for regional transportation tax

Great debate and a very important issue!! I'm very torn. I was just introduced to this issue recently, and this is the most time I've spent on it. I despise politicians and their taxation to fund their idea of what's right for us. I can't stand the fact that I don't feel like I can trust anyone.

That being said, driving in the Atlanta Metro area traffic is out of control. I hear both sides and could lean towards either one. I live in Sugar Hill and have to use GA-20 nearly everyday of my life. It's hard to comprehend those that have lived here their whole lives have never figured this problem out?! Or vote in someone you feel will responsibly fix the problem. It HAS to be fixed!! This is a drain on ALL of us.

And then no outer loop? Seriously? My best friend lives in Acworth. I have to drive south, towards all the people and the city, take 285 across the top of the city, and then north again, with everyone else!! The ignorance of those in charge of these decisions, and their lack of action, should be arrested for incompetence!!

What is the solution then? This is mostly a "NO" driven comment section. What will fix these, "real" problems then? I can't believe some people have had the audacity to say there's no real problem, it's only wrecks. Some of these hot spots need to be addressed. How do we pay for it and who's in charge of it? And then we have to hold them accountable.

And yes, this theme of the working class paying for the dependent classes in the city, and their free transportation has gotta be old!! I don't like the idea of my money fixing the cheap transit of the 50% who don't contribute. It sounds like this tax could be a little more fair, being a consumption tax. At least everyone will be contributing?