jlong 2 years, 1 month ago on Kautz names new attorney, council votes to change charter

Kautz is not the first Mayor to do this. Harrell and Clower both used to appoint the City Attorney without Council. The only one who did not was Oberholtzer. This is just another example of the 4 puppets crying because their candidate did not win. What part of the charter are they going to try and change next.


jlong 2 years, 1 month ago on With Snellville city attorney out, Kautz calls out council

Wow. Did each of you just read the same article? Did you miss the part where Kautz offered a compromise? It appears to me that Kautz has offered the olive branch over and over only to be hit in the head with it. Kautz allowed Witts to be elected Mayor Pro Tem and now she offered to make Powell's firm the City Attorney. It's obvious that Witts and his 3 puppets don't care about Snellville they just want to throw around their power. The 2013 election cannot arrive fast enough.