jkerr 2 years, 8 months ago on Enter to win Falcons tickets

We are UNCONDITIONAL Falcons Fans!! Back in 1999, my family was there to greet the Falcons players as they got off the bus in Suwanee. We cheered them on and welcomed our tired players home as they returned from Super Bowl XXXIII. My boys were only 5 and 9 years old but that experience stirred such an excitement in them and they vowed they would be Falcons Fans forever! We have loved our Dirty Birds throughout the years and have NEVER been fair weathered fans - my boys would NOT let us! Watching the Falcons play each week is the one activity that brings 3 generations of my family together. My dad (pictured) always spends the day with us and even our dog has to wear her jersey on game day. We are even keeping our Falcons Christmas tree up until they return home from winning the Super Bowl! GO FALCONS - RISE UP ATLANTA