jimmykathy91 2 years, 7 months ago on Commissioners approve budget tied to tax increase

Now that I am longer in the library system, I can speak freely as before I had to watch what I said and made comments on. Dickens, you are right above and once again on your previous comments. On December 4, 2012, I was terminated from GCPL and the Suwanee branch because I had requested a transfer to escape the continued intimidation, bullying and heavy handiness on the part of management within that branch to re write my goals for coming years, and my supposed dissatisfaction with the system as a whole. I was not dissatisfied with the system just that particular branch at Suwanee. Management always staying in their offices, playing favorites with those associates who had a personal relationship with that good ole girl network that exists at HQ. Also, management being able to make an adequate work schedule without making so many errors. My schedule, during the four years that I was employed, was wrong about 150 times.

As an associate, I was able to wave $10.00 in fines depending on the cirucmstances. Customers need to own up to their responsibilities and pay their fines no matter how small or large they are. Libraries, particularly Suwanee, should not be a baby sitting service for those parents who want to be away from the children because the children are getting on their nerves. While at the location, my displays were always criticized by management and other staff members because I use materials from other locations once the branch's supply of related materials had been exhausted. My displays were colorful, eye catching and were popular with the customers. Also, when I sent my email requesting the transfer, I listed specific people and reasons for the transfer which commented on the favoritism and the interpersonal relationships with upper management. You people at Swuanee branch know that I am telling the truth. My appraisal in September 2012 was good and I had finally beaten the rap of being accused of not being a team player. While at the locatiion, I did more than my fair share of the shelving and worked more of a percentage time on the help desk. Management always stayed in the offices during hours and the courses that I was required to take in playbook for team building were a waste of time since I had been working employee ever since I was 17 and I just turned 56 in 2012.

LSAs need to be let go and the full time staff need to bust their rear ends to get the books shelved. Associates need to be told to stay out of each other's library accounts and the code of ethics that the library holds so dear was violated in more ways than I can count when it came to giving justifications and excuses for concerns that I brought to the attention of management.

As of now, I have won my right to unemployment while still working another job. The separation notice stated extreme dissatisfaction with the system. In no way is that true, just the particular branch.