jcru 1 year, 11 months ago on District spends $63.5 million on new high school

Good God is every problem going to be blamed on 'illegals?' I rather pay for kids that may not be here legally than idiots that do nothing in class and their parents don't pay taxes. At least most of the 'illegals' are trying to better themselves and not trying to get knocked up by the age of 16 by at least 1 of 3 baby daddies they will have in their lifetime. OH! And FYI. The majority of the 'illegals' you complain about foot their fair share of taxes. They pay into the system and the government knows they are here. Do you really think they are going to deport the ones that are probably already paying your social security you are collecting? I hate to tell you but times are changing and soon YOU will be the minority not the majority. Get off your high horse and find another group of people to blame America's problems on. The argument that it's all the 'illegals' fault had been beaten into the ground. Try to come up with something original.