jbird 3 years ago on Shirley Lasseter -- Rise and fall of a down-home dignitary

Good work, end, by hiding behind the pseudonym (Iook it up) I know exactly who you are and I have had the misfortune of knowing Ol' Shirl at least as long as you. But, unlike you, I was usually a little more sober than you. She is a user and enabler and you know it. You and others like you were so taken in by the false laugh and Southern accent, sugah. Like others have pointed out, if you knew of her financial situation and the fact that she was being tossed out of her house, why is she not in your house. You have the room. Why is she in the condition that she is in? Afterall, a Masters in Education should be enough to keep you off the streets. The fact is is that she was too arrogant to stay any length of time in a position that required accountability and coming to work more than two days a week. Sober up and admit the truth, Jerr old boy