jackster 2 years, 1 month ago on County seeking public input on upcoming SPLOST

Please remember to not call this SPLOST, which for all intents and purposes will go to fund transportation projects, a TSPLOST.

Those that rely on public opinion thank you.

Oh, and if you recall the last SPLOST we approved for Education (an ESPLOST) didn't have planning funds for the operations required of it... Which is why your millage rate went up.

It should be noted here that county services are funded at an all time low - perhaps Gwinnettians like living in a congested mess.


jackster 2 years, 4 months ago on Library board OKs summer reading money, talks '14 budget

It says they have capital dollars and not operational dollars, and a basic review of budgets would reveal that.


jackster 2 years, 4 months ago on Library board OKs summer reading money, talks '14 budget

I think you make an interesting point here - it seems clear that the county's citizens are willing to tax themselves for expanded libraries and coverage.

So, then would they also trade a splost tax for an increase in the mill rate? If we want nice things, we have to be able to provide the services for them.

Would commissioners and splost proponents be able to not propose a new round of splost?


jackster 2 years, 5 months ago on BOC, residents discuss Gwinnett's issues, concerns

The idea here is that if you're going to be working for the government, the fundamental aspects of the job should not be subject to risk - like retirement, healthcare, and vacation. Those three things contribute to long term stability (read: Lower overhead), and the ability to put up with short term risks, like salary issues, budget cuts to programs, and the willingness to serve your community in lieu of higher wages.

That's not really a liberal concept - it's a workforce concept. I would like ot know that my public servants are being given a fair shake.

For instance, in Douglas County, they fired most of their IT people who had been there for years, replacing them with cheaper (newer) support personnel. This in my mind was a horrid move, since now the county has no confidence in their systems.

Or, when their police and county healthcare plans went from something decent and reasonable to a plan which doesn't even cover maternity. Just to save a few bucks.

it's the definition of short nearsightedness.


jackster 2 years, 5 months ago on GCPS holds budget hearing Thursday

According to the Enrollment Projection on p.13 of the published budget (Budget), the projected enrollment for FY2014 is 166,667.

According to the FY2014 Budget: All Funds (p. 34), the budget is $1,984,162,167.

So, $1,984,162,167 / 166,667 = $11,904 per student.

The same budget then estimates the total revenue per student enrolled at $7,548.

Which means there is $4,356 difference which I can't seem to wrap my head around per student between the entire budget and the "revenue per student" number. Odd.


jackster 3 years, 1 month ago on Beaudreau considering recount in commission race

@NorcrossDot - So whether he stays or goes, it would be good to document his cronies. I can see here that you have direct evidence that Mike has a hand in all dealings which have resulted in a Commish's removal...

So, if you don't mind forwarding that onto Danny Porter's office, since i'm sure they would like to hand down an indictment.

Otherwise, are there other cronies of his which are in the planning, zoning, or other positions in gwinnett county which we should also be weary of?

Or are you just spouting off because you don't like him, and don't actually have any evidence that he is corrupt...


jackster 3 years, 1 month ago on Hunter squeaks by Beaudreau in commission runoff

well, I had hoped mike would have won - he is a stand up dude and a great commish. But also not my commish. my focus now is on the boe races. to the folks above - i hope you're happy - you replaced a good commish.


jackster 3 years, 1 month ago on LETTERS: T-SPLOST campaign shows Gwinnett leaders out of touch

I just got off the phone with Mary Kay Murphy (I called the # on her campaign website). I asked her specifically about school system $ going to the chamber, and she flatly told me that is untrue. My question was going to be where is it in th ebudget - I cannot find it.

So... where is it in the budget?

Also, she could not discuss topics which did not align with her talking points. The only technology points she could say is, "Hey - we're goign to try try ebooks!" and "Technology is necessary."

Then, she couldn't (or wouldn't) talk to the fact that our school counselors are not staffed appropriately to handle the rising case load, thereby forcing our teachers to work that much harder.