impeich 3 years, 1 month ago on School district announces 2013 budget numbers

Funny Wilbanks talking budget and money and the fact that thee "tradition" of furlough days has gone on for atleast the last 4 years yet since 2008, his salary has increased by $66,619.61 ( Teachers have gotten no raises, no step increases and furlough days and Wilbanks is making more money. I'd be willing to bet that if I had checked other central office staff pay over the last few years, they have gotten gotten raises also. Wilbanks is appointed by the BOE which means he works for them yet, the board is nothing but a bunch of "yes" men and women for him. Now throw in the fact that the person in charge of land acquisition has been paying more for land than he should have (AJC) and maybe we have a better picture of the state of money within GCPS. A lot of these deals were on the same day that the person GCPS bought from actually closed on their deal to buy the property and then sold to GCPS for considerably more. Oh, I forgot, a panel hired by GCPS found no wrongdoing in the land acquisitions...The key here is that the panel was hired by GCPS. Interesting. If Wilbanks is really worried about the money situation in GCPS maybe he should take a pay cut (he actually makes more than the governor - you can check his pay too) or even better resign before an AJC investigation finds that he and the land guy were taking kickbacks.


impeich 3 years, 6 months ago on LETTERS: Thomas column wrong in characterization of black voters

Mr. Bryant, you say that you are "smarter" than Cal Thomas thinks yet you evidentally did not read the same article by Mr Thomas that I did. No where in Mr Thomas' article did he say that blacks were stupid. What he did say is that voting for Obama or any other candidate simply because of the color of their skin is stupid. Unfortunately, most blacks that voted for Obama in the last election did just that, they voted for him because he is black. Now, they and all the other morons who voted him into office are seeing how wonderful he really is. Unemployment within the black community is higher now than before Obama took office, but I guess you blame that on white people. Mr Thomas quoted two black "leaders", Al Sharpton and Tom Joiner, who both said that blacks should vote for Obama in the next election simply because he is black. Of course, as I state above, that is what most blacks did last election and will do next election even though a lot of them are worse off than they were prior to him taking office. If any person, regardless of color, votes for a candidate based on the color of their skin alone, they are truly "stupid". If you fall into this catagory then I guess then you are "stupid" but not because of your skin color but because of the reason for your vote.