icecold 2 years, 9 months ago on Chick-fil-A surprises some with gay marriage talk

That doesn't even make sense considering the 14th amendment exists for the sole purpose of protecting those who are in the minority.


icecold 2 years, 9 months ago on Chick-fil-A surprises some with gay marriage talk

"The Majority are not scared of change, they are unhappy about what our country is turning into. "

It's not just your country buddy.

"The rest of the World is not disgusted by the Majority, they are ridiculing beliefs like yours and the minority that throws a temper tantrum everytime something doesn't go their way. "

Sounds like the tea party, or any equivalent left wing organization for that matter. Did you not just say the words that "the majority is disgusted with what our country is turning into?" Is this not a temper tantrum? Anytime there's a story about somebody from a traditionally protected class person, there's literally like 10 commenters pouting it in the comments section. Sounds like a temper tantrum to me mate.

"People of your mindset don't run big businesses or governments and they never will."

lol ok

"Truett Cathy has always had this stance on gay marriage, the only thing that is different now and than day he started his company is that some liberal organization wanted to stir the pot on the Intolerance du jour. "

I know he has, and truthfully I could care less about what his views are until he attributes his views to his business. When it gets to the point where it's "Chick-Fil-A doesn't support gay marriage, as opposed to "Truett Cathy or Dan Cathy doesn't support gay marriage" that's when I have to stop spending money at that institution.

"The media is suckering you into thinking that the tides are changing in your favor, but they are not. That false sense of security you have is a necessary survial skill for the liberal mentality."

Yes, and I'm sure the fact that young people are abandoning the republican party and either becoming more liberal, joining the libertarian party, or some other third party doesn't mean anything at all. How many people outside of your own circle do you know under the age of 30?

" Just remember you are the one that starts with the name calling and labels to get attention and pick a fight with the majority. You are hurting true victims of racism and bigotry when you you those ad naseum words to fit your agenda of the day."

Oh I'm sure you're an expert on what real racism/bigotry is.

"I gave you the attention that you crave and that you think is making a difference and change in the US. Whatever!"

Temper tantrum


icecold 2 years, 9 months ago on Chick-fil-A surprises some with gay marriage talk

Nice to see that you care enough to see what I'm posting. But to digress, this issue is bigger than Truett Cathy, Dan Cathy, or Chick-fil-a. The real problem is that folks are scared of change, which is evident in a lot of you folks pretty much cheering on Chick-Fil-A coming out against gay marriage. While I can respect both sides of the issue since people do have both legitimate and not so legitimate reasons for their beliefs, the fact of the matter is that a lot of folks seem to fear change, and it's really apparent when reading the comments on a lot of these news articles. Whether it's people who are of a different religion, undocumented people (or illegals as many you may refer to them as, because you know that helps to reinforce that "They ain't one of us"), people of different ethnicities, or even homosexuals as is the case with this article, a lot of folks who post on these articles constantly attempt to demonize others. The fact of the matter is it seems as if a lot of people are afraid of the shift which is taking place in our institutions, where folks who have traditionally been marginalized are finally getting a seat at the table and having their voices heard. I see a lot of folks talking about how they hate how so called liberals push "class warfare" and want to divide Americans, well what the hell do you think not only chick-fil-a's statement, but a lot of these comments are doing? But of course it's always easier to live in your own bubble, and hold on to your quickly dying paradigm, as opposed to questioning your own beliefs. Also yes, I'm damn proud to be a Meadowcreek alum, but of course you bringing up the fact that I went to that school which doesn't quite fit into your purview of what Gwinnett county should be isn't class warfare at all.