hydroplane 2 years, 8 months ago on Nearly 50 guns stolen in smash-and-grab

Why should this store have doors at all let alone locks? People in this country are guaranteed access to firearms we shouldn't have things like doors or locks holding us back from our 2nd amendment rights. Cost is another barrier that keeps many from owning high powered weapons, the store owner has removed this barrier by making his store easily accessible for those who want these items but do not wish to spend the money on them or be on some government list. This store owner should be given a key to the city (just make sure its tied to cinderblock so he doesn't loose it) for bringing access to these weapons in our community. I will sleep better knowing that all 50k worth of assault weapons are out there in the community keeping us all safe.


hydroplane 2 years, 8 months ago on Gun permit applications surge in Gwinnett

Do these people feel more protected now that they are on a government list of owning firearms that will likely be banned before the end of this presidency? You are just giving them a reason to kick down your door, shoot your dog and taser you while taking your property and filing any charges they can to ruin your life. These fools are falling into a trap laid out by the media and government that is preying on paranoia and confusion.