hightop 2 years, 8 months ago on 300 Army troops returning to Ga. from Afghanistan

Welcome Home Troops!!!

Kevin, if you have ever been deployed before, which by the way you post, you haven't, you would realize that how Obama is doing is the least of the things they really care about when they get home. Family, friends, fun, driving their own POV's and everything else imaginable would top the list long before giving that idiot a second thought. Do you seriously think that they care....they just spent the last 9 months to a year in seclusion from everything but the guy standing next to them wearing the same kind of uniform. Grow up and learn to live a bit more....or as Why_not said, i would happily help you pack your bags and move to a different country. You would be one less (Not a G rated word) i spent over 3 years of my life overseas getting shot at and taking indirect fire for so you can trash what freedoms you take for granted.


hightop 2 years, 8 months ago on Price for I-85 toll lanes soars to record high

It is ridiculous. A lane for those who can afford to drive in it. And, those who drive in it generally are doing like 85 and ride your tailpipe and flash their lights at you when your going 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. This activity generally makes me slow down to the actual speed limit just for spite. GCPD, GCSO and GSP should be nailing the folks in the HOT lanes who are using it as their private autobahn. I actually see GCPD sometimes near Jimmmy Carter along the HOT lane wall snagging them, just wish they would do it more often!


hightop 2 years, 9 months ago on Police: Atlanta news anchor arrested in DUI crash

She refused, so she will at the very least lose her license for a year, but will probably drive anyway and next time, the accident will most likely be more severe. Most of the time, the victims are hurt more than the drunks!!


hightop 2 years, 9 months ago on hightop

While this may be an amazing place for autistic children, and the farm is a very positive piece of the Snellville community, the fact remains that the mortage needed to be paid and you can transfer to a different company if you really wanted too.

Even with all the positives of the farm, if the bills are not paid, it will no longer exist, which is no different than any other center, business, farm, or residence. Take all the emotion out of it which as i read this story, i could see there was a lot of, that is exactly the nuts and bolts of it. I wish them luck and if i indeed had an autistic child, i would be trying to help them out financially which is what they need the most right now.