gwinnettbusdriver 2 years ago on Student gets off at wrong stop; driver removed from route

Yes, the student would get the individual attention that is needed on a special needs bus instead of a regular ed. The bus drivers responsibility when the students are getting off the bus is to make sure they are out of the danger zone OUTSIDE of the bus, not who is getting off!!!!! Yes, were is the parent or a responsible adult waiting for the child. Especially dropping off at apartments. You might have 60-70 kids getting off at that stop. I have delivered kids to the same apartments for the last 4 years and do know my children, but I also have new kids (5 year olds) getting off there with no one waiting on them. I drop at the front entrance to the apartments and have no idea where these kids go once they walk down the driveway. I understand parents have to work, but thats when you put them in a daycare for them to receive off the bus. Special needs buses deliver their students directly in front of their house or place where they need to go, where reg buses do not.