gordon7 2 years, 7 months ago on County purchases Fort Daniel site

Great purchase and a very reasonable price. I'm glad they were able to protect that spot. For years I have driven by and wondered why there hasn't been more of an effort to turn Ft. Daniel into an educational, historical site. It would have been a crime to see the site become a gas station or strip shopping center.

It would be ideal, in the years ahead, to try to build a replica of the fort and an observation tower at the site as it certainly sits on a high point. Ft. Daniel could be quite an educational opportunity for local schools.

Bold, intelligent thinking on the part of the commissioners. Thanks!!


gordon7 3 years ago on LETTERS: I'm saying 'no' to TSPLOST

I disagree, though I see your point and understand it....even sympathize with it. However, to do nothing right now sends a terrible message to businesses thinking of locating here. It says, "Atlanta is not willing to invest in improving its traffic problems."

I don't think any plan will be completely satisfactory to everyone. My main objection to the TSPLOST plans are that so much funding will go to the frivolous belt line trolley. That's the grain of salt I take for wanting interchanges and improvements on 85 and 316. My preference would have been rail lines paralleling 85 , 75 and 285.

But to do nothing is just illogical.


gordon7 3 years ago on GERSON: Giving up on America's children

Just like the creators of NCLB, Mr. Gerson is not an educator. He doesn't know about psychology and child development. This is not to say he isn't smart. It is to say that he is out of his realm of expertise, much as I would be in the world of journalism.

On the surface, and to the layman, NCLB sounds great! Who wouldn't want to make all students proficient in reading and math? The problem arose with the realization that the expectations were unrealistic. During the years of making AYP, I would often tell my non-educator friends about these expectations and they would look at me as if I were insane. Inevitably, they would respond with something like, "That's crazy!"

I will provide you with three actual scenarios from my school that demonstrate the insanity of NCLB.

First, ALL students means ALL students! My students with traumatic brain injury, intellectual disabilities (retardation in yesterday's terms), and all others were held to the same standard. In other words, each April I would put the CRCT in front of students who could not read it and will never be able to read at grade level. The expectation of NCLB held that my school would be judged as a failure if any of these students failed to pass it in 2014. Think about that. ONE child with an IQ of 50 could cause an entire school and community to be labeled as a failure. One child. Only students labeled as "the most severe and profound" (usually those with an IQ below 45) could be evaluated with a different instrument

Medical science has tried for over 100 years to "cure" intellectual disabilities without success. NCLB required schools to find the cure in 12 years.

Secondly, each year I have many immigrant students enroll during the year. Let's say I have a child from Somalia who enters school in September. Not only does the child not speak a word of English, but she has also never been in school despite the fact she is 11 years old. NCLB held that the school should have this student reading and working at 5th grade level by April. Seven months! That student would be given a one year deferment on passing the reading part of the CRCT but she would still have to take and pass the math section...which is all word problems. If she failed the math section after being in the country for only seven months, the entire school would be labeled a failing school.

How in the world is that fair to that school, that administrator, that community and those teachers.

Finally, I have several students in an orthopedic program who have brain injury, cerebral palsy or other disabilities. Each April we would "give" them the CRCT despite the fact that they cannot speak, hold a pencil or in some cases, see the test itself. If any of these students "failed" the CRCT the school could have been labeled as a failing school.

Do these scenarios provide the fair accountability Mr. Gerson espouses?


gordon7 3 years, 1 month ago on The Daily "Post" - June 14, 2012 - Growth in Gwinnett

@ R This "post" was culled from a comment I made in reply to something someone else said about Briscoe Field. That commenter accused opponents of the airport as being anti-growth and anti-progress. He was the one who lumped the projects together. To see my original comment in context you can look at the article, What Next for Briscoe Field, and then scroll through the blog comments.

But, that being said, I really do like the stadium and having a minor league sports team. Arts, symphonies, sports teams, libraries and recreation make life better. Why must beauty, health and fun be tied to how much money they will generate?


gordon7 3 years, 1 month ago on What is next for Briscoe Field?

You don't get it. People opposed to low flying jets over their house are neither opposed to growth or progress. They are just opposed to diminished property values, diminished quality of life and diminished health.

Why is that so difficult to understand?


gordon7 3 years, 1 month ago on What is next for Briscoe Field?

Good grief! I live nearly 20 miles from Jimmy Carter Blvd!

I like the Mall of Georgia. I like the Braves stadium. I like the diversity of our county. I like good growth that adds to a community....not bad "growth" that destroys one.

You still haven't answered my question. What plans were there to deal with the people who live near Briscoe? Just hoping they take a bullet for the rest of the county and deal with it obviously wasn't the correct answer.


gordon7 3 years, 1 month ago on What is next for Briscoe Field?


Isn't Mayberry thought of as a residential nirvana? A place where neighbors know each other and care about each other? A place of little crime? A place of parks, lakes, things to do? A great place for families? A place where people exercise common sense? That's what I remember about that old show. In fact, I often describe my childhood to people in glowing terms by saying I was raised in a place like Mayberry.

I like the moniker. Do you mean it as a negative?

I suppose the opposite of "Mayberry" would be a place where people are interested in material things....a place where people neither know or care about their neighbors. A place where people rush headlong into projects by the lure of dollar signs.

Actually, I think the term describes the opposing sides in the airport fight quite well.

You may continue to use it.