g_netter 3 years, 11 months ago on 13 Gwinnett cities to hold Sunday sales votes Tuesday

Charlotte Nash, that is one of the, ahem, less intelligent things i've heard in my life. Do students only have tests with one question because we don't want to distract them by having two or more questions?

It is actually very inefficient to spend all this time and money just to have one issue on the county ballot. just as well, I made way down and voted no already for the ESPLOST (while the HOT lane exists, I vote no on any SPLOST).


g_netter 3 years, 12 months ago on Tolls for HOT lanes lowered after Deal speaks out

this system is ridiculous as it eliminates the incentive for GDOT to do anything to improve traffic conditions. As we have seen this week, the commute now has gotten worse- I know, I've been sitting in it. GDOT will rely on this worse traffic to get people to pay up for a lane our tax dollars have already paid for. I've had it. Gwinnett is putting up some SPLOST votes soon for other projects, so I'm voting 'No' on anything they propose until Gwinnett at least can get behind its citizenry and fight against this ill-gotten HOT lane.