franksf 1 year, 7 months ago on DragonCon founder still fighting extradition to Gwinnett

1) Ed was NOT the founder of Dragon Con. He was a very minor partner along with others. He was the front man so the real owners could concentrate on running the convention. Once his problems came to light his minor interest was bought out. 2) the real owners never had any idea of Ed's problems until the ex-girlfriend filed charges; Ed's mistake was not getting a criminal defense lawyer in the beginning, waiting until he was in over his head. The charges against him have never included any activities involving Dragon Con 3) Dragon Con has never condoned or allowed such activity. It is most definitely a family con during the day, and is an adult con at night with all legal activities and very heavy security to make sure there are never any problems, and there haven't been any! Just ask any of the staff at the major hotels that make a fortune hosting Dragon Con every year